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Do you have any of the following ... Hip Pain, Back pain, Knee Pain, Foot Pain, or Ankle Pain?
Try our stability shoes to stabilize the foot (the foundation) of the skeletal structure.  If your foundation is stable and you minimize the movement of the foot, anything above that all the way up to the base of the skull has less stress.  And your musculature will not have to work as hard.  Over a long day of being on your feet you will have less fatigue.

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Did you know?

Walking one mile the average person forces 181 tons of weight into their feet.

Most people walk between seven and eight miles per day. which means that the average pair of feet must handle over 700 tons of weight per day. In about two months your feet have supported the entire weight of a battleship. It is no wonder, then, that feet send up distress signals if they do all this labor in improper shoes and without the ministration you would give your lawn mower or car.